How to stop cats from clawing up furniture: 5 tips

Cats are wonderful, loving creatures that can make great pets. However, one of the downsides to owning a cat is that they often scratch up furniture. While it is their natural instinct to scratch, it can be very frustrating for owners who have to constantly repair or replace damaged furniture.

There are a few things that you can do to help stop your cat from clawing up furniture. One is to provide them with a scratching post or cat tree that they can scratch to their heart’s content. Make sure to place it in an area that they frequent so that they will be more likely to use it. You can also try using double-sided tape or nail covers on the corners of furniture. Some cats do not like the feel of these things and will stay away from them.

If you have tried these things and your cat is still scratching furniture, you may need to resort to punishment. Be careful with this, as you do not want to scare or hurt your cat. A good method is to spray them with water whenever they scratch furniture. After a while, they will learn that this is not a behavior that is tolerated and will stop doing it.

Clawing is a natural instinct for cats, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with damaged furniture. With a little patience and effort, you can train your cat to scratch in a more appropriate place.

How to stop cats from clawing up furniture: 5 tips

It’s normal for cats to scratch furniture. They do it to keep their claws healthy and sharp, and to mark their territory. But if your cat is leaving your furniture in shreds, it’s time to take action.

Here are some tips for stopping your cat from clawing up your furniture:

1. Provide your cat with a scratching post or cat tree.

Make sure the post is tall enough for your cat to stretch out fully, and covered in a material that your cat enjoys scratching (such as sisal or cardboard). Place the post in a spot that your cat likes to scratch, and encourage them to use it by offering treats or toys.

2. Trim your cat’s nails regularly.

This will help to blunt their claws, making it less likely that they’ll cause damage to your furniture. You can do this yourself at home, or take your cat to a professional groomer.

3. Cover your furniture with a fabric that your cat doesn’t like to scratch.

There are special anti-scratching fabrics available that are designed to deter cats. You can also try using double-sided tape or aluminum foil.

4. Use a spray deterrent.

There are several commercial products available that are designed to stop cats from scratching furniture. These sprays typically contain citrus or herbal scents that cats don’t like.

5. Give your cat attention and affection.

Cats often scratch furniture as a way to get attention. Make sure you spend time playing with your cat every day, and offer lots of love and affection.


The best way to stop cats from clawing up furniture is to provide them with an alternative that is more appealing to them. This can be done by placing a scratching post in an area that your cat frequents and making it more appealing than the furniture. You can also try using double-sided tape or other sticky substances on the furniture to deter your cat from clawing it. If these methods do not work, you may need to consult with a veterinarian or behaviorist to find other solutions.


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