How to Make Outdoor Cushions for Wicker Furniture

Making your own outdoor cushions for wicker furniture is a great way to add your own personal style to your patio or deck. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly way to get new cushions when your old ones start to show wear and tear. Here’s what you need to know to make your own cushions, including what type of fabric to use and how to measure for a custom fit.

When it comes to fabric, you’ll want to choose something that is durable and can withstand the elements. Outdoor fabric is a good option, as is Sunbrella fabric. Both are made to resist fading and mildew, and can be cleaned easily if they do get dirty.

As for the filling, you can use polyester fiberfill, which is inexpensive and easy to find. However, for a more substantial cushion, you can use polyester batting or even outdoor foam. Just be sure to wrap the foam in a layer of batting to prevent it from shifting.

Now let’s talk about measurements. To get started, you’ll need to measure the length and width of your wicker furniture seat. Then, add 1-2 inches to those measurements to allow for seam allowances. Once you have your final measurements, cut your fabric to size.

If you’re using outdoor fabric, you can now sew your cushions using a basic straight stitch. If you’re using Sunbrella fabric, you’ll need to use a special Sunbrella stitch, which is a little more complicated. However, both types of fabrics can be sewn using a sewing machine or by hand.

Once your cushions are sewn, it’s time to stuff them. If you’re using fiberfill, simply stuff the cushion until it’s full. If you’re using foam, you’ll need to cut it to size first, then wrap it in batting. Once it’s wrapped, stuff it into the cushion cover.

Finally, sew the opening of the cushion closed, using a basic straight stitch or a Sunbrella stitch. And that’s it! Your new outdoor cushions are ready to use.

How to Make Outdoor Cushions for Wicker Furniture

Making outdoor cushions for wicker furniture is not as difficult as it may seem. With a little bit of effort, you can easily create beautiful, comfortable cushions that will last for years. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Choose the right fabric. When it comes to outdoor cushions, you need to choose a fabric that can withstand the elements. Sunbrella is a great option, as it is fade resistant and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. Other good options include Olefin and Polyester.

2. Measure your furniture. Before you start cutting any fabric, you need to make sure you have the correct measurements. Measure the width, depth, and height of your wicker furniture, and add a few inches to each measurement to account for the seam allowance.

3. Cut the fabric. Once you have the correct measurements, you can start cutting the fabric. If you are using a patterned fabric, make sure to cut the pieces in the same direction so the pattern lines up when you sew the pieces together.

4. Sew the pieces together. Start by sewing the two side panels together, then sew the front and back panels to the sides. Make sure to leave a few inches open at the top so you can insert the cushion filling.

5. Insert the cushion filling. Outdoor cushions are typically filled with polyester fiberfill, which can be found at most craft stores. Start by stuffing the cushion, then use a hand sewing needle and thread to close the opening.

6. Attach the cushion to the furniture. Most outdoor cushions have ties or Velcro strips that can be used to attach the cushion to the furniture. If your cushion does not have ties, you can use heavy-duty thread or wire to secure the cushion to the furniture.


If you have wicker furniture, you may want to add some cushions to make it more comfortable. You can make your own cushions by following these steps:

1. Choose the fabric for your cushions. You will need enough fabric to cover the seat and the back of the wicker chair or sofa.

2. Cut the fabric to the desired size. Add an extra inch or two all the way around for seam allowance.

3. Sew the fabric together, leaving one side open.

4. Turn the cushion cover right side out and insert the cushion.

5. Sew the opening closed.

Now you have custom cushions for your wicker furniture!

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