Ashley Furniture Employees’ Salaries

Working at Ashley Furniture may be rewarding in more ways than one. According to Payscale, the average Ashley Furniture employee earns $11.46 per hour. This is nearly $4 above the minimum wage in most states, and it doesn’t even account for tips or other forms of compensation.

Of course, not all Ashley Furniture employees are paid the same. Some positions, such as sales associates and customer service representatives, may have a lower hourly rate. Others, like managers and delivery drivers, could earn significantly more. In general, though, it seems that Ashley Furniture offers its employees a livable wage.

If you’re considering a career at Ashley Furniture, know that you could potentially earn a decent wage. However, keep in mind that your earnings will depend on your position and experience. With that said, Ashley Furniture may be a great place to start your career in the furniture industry.

Ashley Furniture Employees’ Salaries

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. is an American home furnishings manufacturer and retailer, headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin. The company is owned by father and son team Ron and Todd Wanek. Ashley Furniture manufactures and distributes home furniture products throughout the world.

In 2019, Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. had 32,600 employees and generated sales of $5.9 billion. Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. spends $213.3 million annually on employee compensation and benefits, representing 3.6% of total revenue (based on 2019 10-K filings with the SEC).

The average Ashley Furniture Industries employee earns $45,957 per year, which is below the national average salary for all workers of $51,960.

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. employees with the job title Vice President (VP), Human Resources make the most with an average annual salary of $206,769, while employees with the title Warehouse Worker make the least with an average annual salary of $24,653.

The Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. employee population is primarily female, making up 55.7% of the total workforce. The company also employs a diverse workforce, with employees of Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. spanning a wide range of ages, races, and ethnicities.

The largest Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. employee demographic is Baby Boomers, making up 28.1% of the workforce. Gen Xers follow, making up 25.8% of employees, while Millennials make up 22.4% of the Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. workforce.

The Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. employee population is also fairly evenly split between full-time workers (51.1%) and part-time workers (48.9%).

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. offers a variety of employee benefits, including health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. The company also offers a 401(k) retirement savings plan, as well as a profit sharing plan.

In addition to traditional employee benefits, Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. also offers a number of perks, such as a discount on Ashley Furniture products, and a flexible work schedule.


In conclusion, Ashley Furniture employees make a decent wage. They are able to earn a good salary and benefits package. The company is fair to its employees and offers a good working environment. Overall, Ashley Furniture employees are paid fairly and are able to earn a good living.

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