Ashley Furniture: A Great Place to Work, But Does It Pay Enough?

Ashley Furniture is a furniture store that offers a wide variety of furniture for the home. They have a wide range of styles and prices to fit any budget. They also offer a variety of financing options and free delivery on orders over $999. Ashley Furniture does not pay commission to their sales staff.

Ashley Furniture: A Great Place to Work, But Does It Pay Enough?

Sales associates at Ashley Furniture are not paid commission. Instead, they earn a base salary plus a small bonus for each sale they make. The bonus is based on a percentage of the sale price, and the amount varies depending on the type of product sold. For example, sales associates who sell Ashley’s flagship line of mattresses earn a bonus that is 5% of the sale price.

The decision to not pay commission is a deliberate one by Ashley Furniture. The company believes that commission creates a adversarial relationship between sales associates and customers, and that it is more important to have a team of friendly, helpful associates than it is to have associates who are solely focused on making a sale.

The bonus system that Ashley Furniture has in place is designed to incentivize sales associates to sell more expensive items, as they will earn a larger bonus for doing so. This encourages sales associates to upsell customers to higher-priced items, which is beneficial for both the customer and the company.

While some furniture stores do pay commission, Ashley Furniture’s decision to not do so is a reflection of the company’s values and philosophy. Ashley Furniture is more interested in creating a positive customer experience than it is in maximizing profits, and it believe that its bonus system accomplishes this goal.


In conclusion, Ashley Furniture does not pay commission. This is likely because they operate on a low margin business model, which means that they would not be able to afford to pay their employees commission on top of their base salary. Additionally, Ashley Furniture is a publicly traded company, which means that they are required to disclose their financial information to the public. If they were to start paying commission, it is likely that their stock price would suffer as a result.

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